Commissariat of Faculty of Law of KAUMY Conducts a Workshop on Entering the Working World for Students

After graduating, students basically continue to work. This kind of stage tends to put the students in obstacles, especially for fresh-graduated students. To prepare students confronting a working world, Commissariat of Faculty of Law of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Universitas Muhammadiah Yogyakarta Alumni Association (KAUMY), conducted a debriefing class entitled “Workshop on Entering the Working World” on Saturday (27/4) at Director Hall of Graduate Building of UMY.

Dean of Faculty of Law of UMY, Dr. Trisno Raharjo, S.H., M.Hum explained, “The workshop can provide several tips for students to prepare themselves for the working world. To confront the working world, students need to pass a screening process. This process we barely meet in materials or theories in classes. The workshop is a means to create competent students that correspond to the needs of industries.”

Furthermore, a manager of Air Mancur Group, Eko Hadi Saputro, S.H, DEF,C., Hcm., HCGA, informed that the main key to pass the screening process is that students should conduct optimal preparations. He added, “A great career needs a great preparation. Firstly, students should recognize themselves so that they are able to control and manage to take good decisions. This one can be done by implementing VITALS as a means to do evaluation. You can start by describing several things such as values, interests, temperaments, around the clock activities, life missions, meaningful goals, and strength that is marked by interests, talents, and characters.”

“The point is that personality is the biggest asset, so you need to maintain it to be good in front of people. As time passes by, your personality may change with additional values. However, you must attempt that your values can be the main milestone so that you will not change,” uttered Eko

In the working world, there is a work culture in some industries as a key of productivity. “When you enter into the working world, you need to adjust to organizational culture, not the other way around. You should pay attention to the institutions you address because most of the institutions surely possess various regulations to keep them staying in the track,” detailed Eko.

Eko also conveyed that in the recruitment process, students should pass the CV-sorting process to proceed into the interview process. “To create a good CV, make sure you put relevant information that suits the positions you address. If your criteria fit to their needs, you will continue into the interview process to examine you are eligible enough,” maintained Eko.

Lastly, Eko asserted, “As a recruiter, every industry requires several preferences to take new employees. First, industries prefer someone possessing positive vibes. Someone with a positive vibe can give someone ability to listen and learn new things. Second, industries prefer someone who is confident and open-up with new atmospheres, so make sure that you are neutral in every condition.”

Additionally, the workshop also invited Muhammad Nur Syuhada, M.Psi., a psychologist and practitioner of Human Capital Management and a motivator, Erik Hadi Saputra, S.Kom., M.Eng.

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