Besides Training, the SSP4 Team Conducts Social Service and Observation

Generasi Bakti Negeri called Saudara Sebatik Project 4 (SSP4), a team of Sebatik community service of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), had Training of Trainer in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. The team also conducted social service, observed social issues, and promoted health in Jetisan, Hargobinangun on Monday (8/1). The social activities were also attended by a number of community leaders.

The activities aimed to provide debriefing and train the SSP4 team before performing a community service in Tapal Batas. The team was required to organize activities engaging community before their departure to Sebatik. Chief of the Training  of Trainer Okta Marzantio stated that the activities were an effort to brief the team prior to doing community service in Sebatik.

“The social service and observation are addressed to enable the team to learn community living around the training conducted. Organizing from Sunday to Tuesday (9/11), some experts are invited to share their knowledge to the team,” stated Tio.

One of the committee Angga told that during the training students were expected to be able to discern social issues. “Students are divided into several groups and required to gather data dealing with social problems in Hargobinanun. Then, they have to analyze and solve the issues efficiently and effectively. Afterwards, they present and discuss the observation results to gain recommendations from other groups,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Jetisan, Hargobinangun Mr. Sri Hartanto said that the team was expected to be able to apply the program which has been arranged. Indeed, students rarely do an observation and social service in Jetisan. “Besides raising their sensitivity in social issues, this training may reinforce relationships between students and people in Jetisan” he wished.

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