An Islamic Announcer Ought to Possess Idealism

KPI UMY Selenggarakan Pelatihan Kepenyiaran Bersama MQ FM

It needs to have special skills to be an announcer. It is also necessary for those who decide to be an Islamic announcer. There is an aspect which differs between a common announcer and an Islamic announcer. An Islamic announcer ought to possess idealism in broadcasting everything.

The aforementioned statement was uttered by a producer of MQ FM, Rizki Nurismaharini, as a broadcasting trainer for students of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting (KPI), Islamic Faculty, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The radio broadcasting workshop had a theme of “Be a Qualified Islamic Announcer and Creative Radio Producer. It was organized by Department Student Association (HMJ) of KPI UMY and was conducted on Sunday (19/4) in Mini Theater of Language Training Center (PPB) UMY.

On her explanation, Rizki Nurismaharini conveyed that idealism of an Islamic announcer is a must and should be an essential aspect. For one reason, it would differentiate between an Islamic radio announcer and other radio announcers.

Rizki also asserted that, as somebody decided to broadcast on Islamic radio, popularity and salary did not the significant matter anymore. They were aware that what needs to fight for is propagating Islam in this world. That was supposed to be the idealism of an Islamic announcer.

“When you opt to broadcast on Islamic radio, popularity and salary are not what you look for. It is syi’ar what you need to do, and you have to propagate Islam in Allah’s earth. It is the marvelous bliss and occasion,” told Rizki.

Moreover, Annisa Safira, a senior announcer of MQ FM, contended that the crux of Islamic broadcasting is the closeness of the anchor to God. It would make the radio broadcasting succeed.

“Mastering broadcasting techniques is important, indeed. Nevertheless, what make our broadcasting succeed and encourage listeners is the announcer’s and crew’s closeness to God. It is the key,” Annisa said.

Furthermore, Farhurrahman Kamal, Lc., M.S.I., Head of KPI UMY, was also attended the workshop. He expected that the event could motivate students of KPI UMY to exist in broadcasting field. He advised that students could be a qualified announcer.

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