An Alumna of FAI of UMY Promotes Soedirman’s Heroism


An alumna of Islamic Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Dhiyah Wahyu Pawestri, joined ‘Selendang Sutera Carnival’ organized by Department of Culture of Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) collaborating with Regional Student Association (IKPMD) on Thursday (6/10). The carnival aimed at promoting heroismof General of the Army Soedirman.

The carnival was a regular program of Department of Culture of DIY to accelerate acculturation process between students from outside Yogyakarta and people of Yogyakarta. Indeed, the carnival was held to commemorate Museum Day of Indonesia on 12 October.

The carnival was conducted along Malioboro Street and followed by 18 groups. One of them was Museum Ambassador Association of DIY 2016 that Dhiyah was the member. Dhiyah wore a uniform of Hizbul Wathan. “This uniform can acquaint bravery of Soedirman to young generation and raise their scouting enthusiasm,” she argued.

Dyah quoted Soedirman’s statement “ragu-ragu atau bimbang, lebih baik pulang” (It is better to back home than doubt or being indecisive).  “The statement implies that we, as young generation, should be firm when making decision. When we have decided something, we have to undertake it sincerely and consistently, and have to accomplish it completely and responsibly,” said Dhiyah who was also an active member of Drum Corps of UMY.



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