American Students Visit IGOV of UMY


13 American students and their 3 professors associated in a company “Where There Be Dragons” visited International Government Studies (IGOV) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday (28/9). The field trip is 3-month semester program conducted in Indonesia that they will stay in Yogyakarta, Flores and Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi for a month of each area. During their visit in Yogyakarta, they will follow scheduled arranged by IGOV of UMY.

One of their professors Rachel Russel informed that they would learn leadership, culture, language, governmental issues, and religion in Indonesia. They arrived in Yogyakarta on Thursday (24/9) and will stay till 18 October, and she told that Yogyakarta was the first city they visited. “Before coming to UMY, they were oriented dealing with condition, weather, and other aspects of Yogyakarta. Besides, this is the first time that Dragons organize overseas program. We expected that this program will foster students’ understanding of ongoing issues in a country they visit,” he stated.

Rachel expressed that she was glad for being in Yogyakarta. She argued that Yogyakarta is a fantastic city having a lot of musical performance each day, and UMY is a beautiful campus. She admitted that she was happy to cooperate with IGOV of UMY.

Furthermore, Director of IGOV of UMY Dr. Eko Priyo Purnomo conveyed that, “
Each American students will be accompanied by a student of UMY because this program aims at acquainting Indonesia and IGOV of UMY to them.”

Eko inserted that the 13 students will be invited to visit town and rural areas of Yogyakarta to learn their life and background. “During their staying in Yogyakarta, they will immediately see the circumstance of Yogyakarta people. They will look at agriculture, culture, life background in Yogyakarta,” he asserted. After having fieldwork, they will attend class to discuss what they get in the field.

He expected that IGOV of UMY will be known in international, and the students will be encouraged to communicate in English with foreign students. “Moreover, this is the second time for IGOV of UMY to welcome American students. I wish this program will be sustainable,” he ended.

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