Acquainting Freshmen of UMY 2016 with KPK and MDMC


Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) presented Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) in Orientation Day or so-called ‘Masa Ta’aruf” (MATAF) for freshmen on Tuesday (6/9) at Sportorium of UMY.

A representative of Directorate PJKAKI of KPK, Budi Santoso, S.H., LLM explained corruption in detail. He talked about seven types of corruption.

“First, corruption is an illegal act inflicting a financial loss of a country. Second, corruption can be in term of greasing somebody’s palm. Third, corruption can be done through abuse of power. In the third case, the corruptors use their position of power for their interest,” Budi mentioned. Besides, the other types of corruption are extortion, fraudulence, provision, and gratification.

Working at KPK since 2007, Budi has identified that corruption commonly occurs because of two motives. First, corruption happens because the corruptors try to fill their needs. For instance, corruption takes place in identity card-making services. “The service is free of charge, but the fact is that people always spend money making the identity card because the employees’ income is not quite sufficient,” Budi explained.

He informed that there were 1,346 people working at KPK. Since established in 2003, KPK has saved state funds accounted more than 248 trillion rupiahs.

Besides, Vice Chairperson of MDMC, Rachmati Hussein, acquainted the freshmen with the MDMC.

“There are a lot of MDMC volunteers such as legal, medical, psychosocial, massage volunteers. I wish that you are willing to be the volunteers since you will gain new experience,” Rachma encouraged.

She also motivated students to be a leader. She argued that being a leader is not adequate to only engage in academic activities. The balance between academic and non-academic activities should exist. “Leadership, knowledge, and experience are achieved not only at but also classroom,” she ended.


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