ABU Robocon 2015 Is Successfully Conducted

ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon 2015 was successfully organized on Sunday (23/8) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The success can be noticed from enthusiasm of spectators and several parties. Secretary-General of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Javad Mottaghi, Ph.D. expressed that he was jubilant since ABU Robocaon can be conducted in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

He argued the venue at UMY was comfy and Indonesian people were pleasant. “Yogyakarta people are generous and UMY has a great place. The community and students are hospitable. I perceived that I have been served well. The committee is also well-organized, and they made the excellent arena and program contents. I am impressed by the entertainment from TVRI, UMY, and DIKTI. It illustrates the technical culture of Yogyakarta,” he admitted.

Javad inserted that ABU Robocon held in each country was distinct because Asia-Pacific regions have different cultures. The cultural diversities can be noticed from the number of population, culture itself, religion, and economy. “If I am asked in which country ABU Robocon is successfully organized, I will say that all ABU Robocon have succeed. I also consider that all the participants are the winner no matter what the result is. As long as they join the contest, they have already the winner. That is the beauty of a robot contest,” he added.

ABU also owned its beauty. “The robot contest can be conducted annually and year by year it affects to the increasing of the number of people and students recognizing ABU so that the participants of the contest are elevating. It is absolutely as the additional value for ABU organizers,” he uttered.

Javad contended that UMY’ organizers were excellent, discipline, well-organized, very responsible, and overall the contest ran well. “I enjoy this contest and I expect that the next ABU Robocon can be better has more organizers,” he ended.


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