A Tasyakuran of DC of UMY: Students May Not Disregard Their Responsibility

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Dr.  Ir. Sukamta, M.T., IPM declared the foremost responsibility of students is to study even though they have a lot of achievements in non-academic activities. He stated it in a tasyakuran (a ceremonial feast t express gratitude to God) of Drum Corps (DC) of UMY on Friday at a rectorate lobby of UMY.

DC of UMY became the runner up of World Class of marching show category at the Thailand World Music Chanpionship (TWMC) 2017.

Prioritize what is inside, but take care of what covers it. You may not overlook your academic duties as students. Since you have won the marching band competition, now you have to gain academic achievements,” said Sukamta.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Students, Alumni, Al-Islam and Muhamamdiyah Movement Affairs Hilman Latief, Ph.D. conveyed that obtaining the achievement it not the end, but it is a beginning to reach others.

He also reminded the students to maintain their instruments. “If the instruments are broken, please tell us so that we can fix them,” he told.

In addition, Secretary of Board of Trustees of UMY advised the students to always attempt to obtain other achievements without disregarding their academic responsibilities. “Be the winner of every single competition, but remember that you have to be bright in academic competitions as well,” he emphasized.

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