A lecturer of UMY achieved Alumni Achievement Award from Western Michigan University

Hilman Latief, Ph.D. with Prof. Alexander Enyedi (Dean School of Arts and Sciences) and Prof. Steve G. Covell (Chair-Department of Comparative Religion), Western Michigan University after achieving award.

Himlan Latief had not ever conceived that he would achieve Alumni Achievement Award from School of Arts and Sciences, Western Michigan University (WMU), United States of America. 10 years ago, in 2004-2005, Hilman Latief took his master degree at WMU through Fulbright scholarship. The one, who has been a director of LP3M UMY since 2013, achieved the award given by Professor Alexander Enyedi (Dean School of Arts and Sciences) along with 20 other award achievers of different fields like chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, Geo-Sciences, and Social and Humanities.

“I did not expect since the previous award achievers were mostly Americans and they had incredible achievement in their fields, as CEO of a company, researchers in NASA, professors, judges, and others,” stated Hilman when being met in his office on Wednesday morning (28/10). The man, who held his Doctor degree in Utrecht University of the Netherlands, went back to Western Michigan University. It did not mean to be a student as it was, but he was invited to utter a public lecture of “Islamic Charities, Transnationalism, and Globalization” and attended an award-giving ceremony on the 24th of October 2014.

Besides actively conducting researches, the three-child father’s activities in various international forums in both domestic and abroad was the reason of Department of Comparative Religion WMU to nominate the award. In 2010 – 2014, he presented his fifteen scientific writings in international forums, published four books and teens of articles in both national and international scientific scopes. Hilman conveyed that all of his activities were the consequences of his choice as a lecturer, so that he could be consistent and remain productive in doing scientific writings.

“They noticed my tight activities in the academic development context, both domestic and abroad presentations and publications,” added the lecturer, an expertise in Islamic philanthropy field.

The one, liking casual appearance and having begun his career at UMY since 2000, considered that the achievement turned his own pride as no one of Asian achieved the award in the previous year. Additionally, the campus, where he achieved his Masters of Arts, took into account himself teaching far from United States of America. Hilman was a “novice” as award achiever compared to previous achievers who were more senior.

He learnt a valuable lesson from this achievement being given on this October. He argued that, in spite of being considered as a novice in his career, it was not a reason for him not to work properly. “Even though we are in an “outskirt” or “edge” state, it does not become the reason not to work and do something valuable for this world,” conveyed the lecturer of Islamic Studies of Faculty of Islam and Faculty of Social and Politic Sciences of UMY.

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