A Lecturer of Department of Communication Science of UMY Exhibits Art Works: Industrial Revolution 4.0 May Not Decline Morals

Information technology in Industrial Revolution 4.0. has brought various impacts on people’s social life. Accessibility to information via smartphones, for instance, is the heart of the industrial revolution. However, it emerges new social issues that smartphone users may hurt other people. The condition inspired a lecturer of Department of Communication Science of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Muhammad Muttaqien, S.Ikom., M.Sn. to conduct an art exhibition entitled Lamun Selantur. Collaborating with Department of Communication Science of Universitas Islam Indonesia, the exhibition was organized at Jogja National Museum on Friday to Sunday (18-20/1).

He displayed a mouth animation video saying a number of rude statements on a gadget. Muttaqien, well-known as Angki, stated that the work represented an information technology revolution which has broken manners to communicate with others. “For example, we utilize a smartphone as a medium of communication, but it becomes a tool to express their uncontrolled freedom. It, then, destructs human conscience and dare to insult other people, even though they do not have clear reasons why they do it. Abuse and unethical actions occur in cyberspace,” conveyed Angki.

Angki inserted that there are impacts of what we say. “The smartphone is equipment to share our ideas. Through this video, I would like to discover whether or not they are intimidated by other statements. Regardless their responses, other people’s statements bring small or huge impacts on their daily life. The video may raise people’s awareness that their statements have consequence so that they can be more cautious,” he explained.

A Medium of Appreciation

The exhibition is a medium to appreciate creative works and shows that communication works are not merely in forms of films or photos, but they can be statues, paintings, and spaces. “It aims to exhibit creative notions and to educate community,” told Angki.

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