A Doctoral Student of UMY Examines Roles of a Teacher in Cope with Students’ Learning Difficulties

Education is a crucial aspect to create human beings capable of building and foster a civilization. However, not all students received good education through a learning process so that a teacher possesses essential roles in the student development. A doctoral student of Program of Islamic Education Psychology Mohammad Fatah sought to examine students’ difficulties in understanding lessons and teachers’ roles in assisting students to confront the obstacles, written on his dissertation entitled “Teachers’ Roles in Overcoming Learning Difficulties in Learning at SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Tegal”. At his dissertation defense on Friday (21/12) at Graduate School Building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Fatah stated, “An educational curriculum has changed and it demands students to comprehend shifting learning methods. Thus, teachers should learn more and more and be able to apply various learning approaches, strategies, and methods.” The research findings showed that an environment bring quite a significant influence on students. “Learning difficulties in communication due to external factors cannot be explored by discovering individual factor within students. Therefore, social factors encompassing students, teachers, and a school environment are more feasible to investigate. Fatah concluded his research that teachers’ roles in coping with learning difficulties are enhancing students’ learning interest, giving motivation, advising and monitoring students, creating a stimulating learning atmosphere, and being a role model for their students. As a mediator, teachers have to have a lot of knowledge and understanding of educational media so that learning and teaching processes can be effective, teachers can coin an interactive learning environment. “A teacher should be smart and can improvise during a learning process so that lessons can be delivered effectively and understandably,” declared Fatah. Additionally, Mohammad Fatah was the 62nd graduate of Doctoral Program of Islamic Education Psychology and the 82nd graduate at Graduate School of UMY.  

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