5 Students of UMY Possess Strategic Positions of PPIT Branch Zhengzhou

PPIT Zhengzhou

Five students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) joining student exchange to China have begun involving in Chinese Indonesian Student Association (PPIT), branch Zhengzhou. Those five students possessed strategic position at PPIT as division chief and treasurer.

Ahmat Prambudi, a student of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting (KPI) UMY batch 2012 stated that his four fiends and he were elected as division chief and treasure of PPIT branch Zhengzhou 2015 in a branch general meeting on 14 April. “And, on Saturday (18/4) we conducted the first meeting, presenting programs for a year period,” he told via a releas received on Monday (20/4).

The five students selected as division chief and treasurer of PPIT branch Zhengzhou 2015 are Ahmat Prambudi, Muhammad Arif Zuliyan (a student of International Relations batch 2012), Ridha Amalia (International Relations batch 2012), Novella Saputri (International Relations batch 2012), and Intan Perceka (International Relations batch 2011).

The first meeting of PPIT branch Zhengzhou was carried out at Sias International University on Saturday (18/4). Muhammad Arif Zuliyan as chief of educational and cultural division integrated culture in arranging the programs. He would acquaint and promote Indonesia and Indonesian culture to Chinese students and other foreign students trough seminars.

Furthermore, Ridha Amalia as chief of art and sport division also engaged knowledge of Indonesia as one of his division programs. “From Art and Sport Division, they would hold a program of Saturday Health. It is a together exercise involving Indonesian traditional games guided immediately by Indonesian students,” conveyed Ahmat Prambudi.

The first program meeting of PPIT branch Zhengzhou was also attended by Indonesian students in Henan Province such as from Sias University and Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute. The meeting was closed by legalizing Programs of branch Zhengzhou 2015.

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