170 Medical Personnel Engage in MATAF UMY

‘Masa Ta’aruf’ (MATAF) is freshmen’s orientation days of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted on 31 August – 2 September. The event engaged in 170 medical team personnel controlling students’ health for MATAF.

The 170 medical team personnel encompassed several medical student organizations, namely TBM (Medical Assistance Team), TBO (Drug Assistance Team), Nursing students, and UKM KSR UMY. A coordinator of medical team Wildana in an interview on Monday (1/9) stated, “Those four organizations will work as their concern like the medical and drug preparation.”

The medical team has prepared or MATAF since 3 months ago. “The preparations are dealing with coaching for medical team delivered by medical experts, victim management simulation, and medical equipment,” he mentioned. They also prepared supporting medical equipment like an ambulance, oxygen tube, drugs, and health stretcher. “We will work to control freshmen’s condition and we provide various facilities so that they will perceive safe and cozy for MATAF,” he inserted.

The medical team also functions to acquaint the organizations to the freshmen. “Thus, they recognize those organizations and may be willing to join the team,” Fahri asserted.

He informed that the medical team was divided into several MATAF areas. “We also expect that the freshmen will be cooperative with medical team when they feel unwell and they impossibly join the tight MATAF schedules from morning to afternoon. Hence, unwilling incident may not occur,” he ended.

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