You Must Know Yourself to Become Future Leaders

The Upaya Indonesia Damai Foundation (United in Diversity), MIT, and U.LabX in collaboration with American Corners throughout Southeast Asia held a live streaming seminar, with the theme ‘Leading From the Emerging Future’. This activity aims to encourage the ability and attributes of one’s leadership to be applied in the community, culture, and environment, by changing the paradigm of the community through innovative approaches. The American Corner of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta was one of the parties involved, and opened the first seminar class in front of the Amcor office on the 2nd Floor of D Building of the UMY Central Campus on Wednesday (19/2).

This activity will be held six times, and the last class will be held on April 1, 2020. The training will be attended by participants from all walks of life, and the seminar presentation center will be held at the @America office, Pacific Place Mall, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. kav. 52-53 RT 5 / RW 3, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru District, South Jakarta. On this occasion, the speaker came from the Foundation who provided motivational material and was witnessed directly by Amcors from Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Myanmar, Laos, and Indonesia, through a streaming camera connected to a projector screen.

This long-distance interaction that utilizes digital advancements is expected to be able to provide adequate facilities for participants who have the will to improve their leadership skills. “The presenter explained from the beginning, that when we want to see the environment and want to change it, we must see ourselves first. Fix whatever is missing from us before going further, “said Iren Luqman Hakim, one of the committee members of Amcor UMY.

The seminar was opened to the public, and around 25 people attended at Amcor UMY. From the 2 hours the event was held, there was one session that required participants to interact with friends next to them with different backgrounds, to tell their views about self-development and leadership using English. “Open mind, open heart, that’s the key to becoming someone who is influential for the environment,” said Mariska Intan Sari S.S., M.A. Director of Amcor UMY. (hbb)

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