‘Wayang Bambangan’: An Official Logo of Indonesian Robot Contest 2015

Logo KRI 2015 Kepala-01

Ethnical dance ‘Bambangan-Cakil’  is a well-known puppet. ‘Bambanga-Cakil’ dance is one of the classical dances of Central Java. It is a beautiful dance so that it is not astonishing that the battle dance is performed in many Indonesian puppets. The dance tells that a knight named Bambangan fought a giant named Cakil. It implies a lot of crimes, and goodness must win over the badness.

Based on the story, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogykarta (UMY) decided to use ‘Bambangan’ puppet as the official logo of national level of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) being conducted on 11-14 June 2015 at Sportorium of UMY. Joining the national robot contest were 385 participants from various universities in Indonesia. The contest has four categories: Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI), Indonesia Art Robot Contest (KRSI), Indonesia Fire Fighting Robot Contest (KKRPAI), and Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI).

Ir. Tony K. Hariadi, M.T., as Chief I of National KRI 2015 was interviewed on Wednesday (10/6). He stated that Bambangan puppet was selected as an official logo of National KRI 2015 since it implies goodness. Moreover, in the logo, head of Bambangan is gold. “The logo is like a robot because we attempt to combine traditional art and technology. The head of Bambangan displays a young puppet,” he conveyed.

Tony continued that gold becoming the colour of all Bambangan’s head means great future vision. “Combining art and technology, the logo is defined that the participants of KRI is youth having great future vision. On the other word, the youth has marvellous achievement,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, a lecturer of Engineering Faculty of UMY uttered that Bambangan represents four contest categories of KRI 015, and it is also the competing robot in KRSI. “For the mascot, we still utilize Prajurit Lombok Abang, but it is mechanically designed as a robot. It aims at acquainting the participants Yogyakarta culture that the Prajurit Lombok Abang is a traditional culture and could be go hand in hand with technology,” he asserted.

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