Warung Prancis of UMY Promotes Jumputan through Fête de la Culture 2018

Warung Prancis of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted Fête de la Culture 2018, a cultural festival with the theme of Jumputan in a style of France on Thursday-Saturday (3-5/8). The third cultural festival exhibited various pictures of French and Jumputan of Jogja and there was also a workshop on Jumputan making with French landmark models.

Director of Warung Prancis of UMY Puthut Ardianto, M.Pd. informed that the cultural festival aimed to enhance cultural understanding and has been organized since 2016. “We always hold the annual cultural festival with a different theme, namely ‘traditional dances’ in the first year, ‘fashion musicalization’ in the second year, and ‘Jumputan with the acculturation between Indonesian and French culture’ in the third year,” he mentioned.

Warung Prancis of UMY also presented a trainer for Jumputan making from Tahunan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta. Participants were taught how to make jumputan with French icons. Puthut added that the cultural festival always conducted in May as a token to of the end of semester. “We expected that French and Indonesian cultural understanding can be reinforced. This year, we would like to promote not only French figures and fashions but also French landmarks through Indonesian fabrics,” he told.

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