Vocational Program of UMY Collaborates with Six Industries

Vocational Program of Universitas Muhammaidyah Yogyakarta (UMY) collaborated with many industries to support link and match promoted by government to meet market demands. The collaboration aimed to enhance students’ experiences and broaden their horizon. On Tuesday (28/5) at a vocational meeting room of UMY, the Vocational Program of UMY signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with six industries, namely PT Mitranata Cipta Mulia, PT FAC Sekuritas Indonesia-Yogyakarta, RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul, PT Rejeki Hanif Lestari, PT Mekar Armada Jaya, and KM Alumunium.

Director of the Vocational Program of UMY Dr. Bambang Jatmiko, M.Si. stated that the cooperation is a means of UMY to support a program of government to foster industries. “We expect that the vocational program can bolster industries of Indonesia so that we entail certified competent graduates. The collaboration is what we can do prepare students for the future of Indonesian industries,” he declared.

Meanwhile, HC & GA General Manager of PT FAC Sekuritas Indonesia-Yogyakarta Fajar Riadi Dwi Sasongko conveyed that the certification is essential in industries. “Besides a degree certificate, a supporting certificate is significant to describe our skills in industries and it will assist us to survive. For instance, in a capital market, a lot of certificates that we can have as a Security Trading License, Underwriter, and Sharia Capital Market. The cooperation enables students to have industrial experiences, an internship certificate, and other certificates,” asserted Fajar.

He also hoped that a university can prepare students to gain the certificates. “For example, the university can provide modules comprising materials for the certification exam in the curriculum. If students have the certificates, they will be accepted in both capital markets and financial industries because they have competences meeting industrial needs,” conveyed Fajar.

He inserted that UMY’s backgrounds representing Islam and sharia finance should have obtained more attention. “Indonesia now possesses about 30 experts of sharia capital market experts, and the number is not sufficient to comply with needs of 271 million Indonesian people. Sharia financial industries in Indonesia is rapidly developing and we need certified graduates to be experts,” maintained Fajar.

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