Vice President Would Officially Announce Postgraduate Building-JK School of Government of UMY

Vice President Jusuf Kalla would officially announce Postgraduate Building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Saturday (7/3/2015). The official announcement would take place in the main yard of Postgraduate Building of UMY. The building was constructed by PT Mentari Prima (PMK) since April 2013 and would be utilized for academic activities. The building is for Doctoral Program, Postgraduate Program, and International Classes of Undergraduate Programs, including JK School of Government.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla would attend series of events as official announcement, observation of postgraduate rooms, and being a keynote speaker of Seminar of Pre Muktamar. He and his party would be welcomed by University Chairs, University Daily Executive Board, Chair of Muhammadiyah, DIY’s governor, regents across DIY, and placemen of Yogyakarta Special Region. JK would also deliver an opening remark, open a building cover, and sign a plaque commemorating inauguration of building witnessed by Rector of UMY.

Besides announcing the postgraduate building of UMY, the Vice President Jusuf Kalla would be a keynote speaker of Pre-Muktamar attended by Chief of Muhammadiyah, Chief of Aisyiyah, Chief of Muhammadiyah Autonomous Board, Rectors of Muhammadiyah-affiliated universities, Chief of UMY, Director of Postgraduate UMY, regional government representatives of Yogyakarta, political party representatives, chief of Regional Representative Council of Yogyakarta.

Rector of UMY Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. expressed his pride since the construction could be accomplished fast although it was overdue for several months. He stated that his party now need be responsible for maintaining the building well. Rector quoted the university slogan to remain increasing the development. “By UMY’s slogan Young and Global, UMY would be more advances and conduct ongoing development,” he conveyed.

Additionally, Chief of Daily Adviser Board (BPH) Ir. Dasron Hamid, M.Sc. uttered that construction of building at UMY needed long period starting from the construction of luxurious twin building to the construction of postgraduate building pioneered by PT Mentari Prima Karsa, a business board of UMY.

“In building aspects it is not easy for UMY because it needs years to finish it. Since gaining a status and registered as higher education, it was the essential beginning of UMY to gain students, ultimately to impose developmental fee as shadaqah jariyah, and to build the luxurious postgraduate building is accomplished,” he told.

The postgraduate building-JK School of Government UMY is established on an area of 6700 m2, and consists of 5 floors for department rooms, administrative room, postgraduate director room, library, classrooms, and an amphitheater. The total area of the building is 8200 m2.

The building is supported by electricity of PLN with electrical power of 630 kVa and back-up generator of 680 kVa. It is also facilitated by 2 passenger lifts which each lift is for 15 people. The other facilities are sprinkler, smoke detector, APAR, hydrant, fire alarm, CCTV, sound system, AC in each room, 2 fire-escapes in the corner of south and north corridor, parking area accommodating 40 cars, and 2 bathrooms for disabled people located on the ground.

The building is utilized by international programs as IPIREL (International Program of International Relations), IPOLS (International Program of Law and Sharia), and IPIEF (International Program of Islamic Economic and Finance), and IGOV (International Program of Governmental Studies). The other programs used the building are magister programs which are Doctoral program (Psychology of Islamic Education and Politics), Master of Islamic Studies, Master of Governmental Studies, Master of Nursing, Master of Politics and International Relations, and Master of Law.

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