Verdict of PTUN Has Not Entirely Resolved Golkar Conflict

The prolonged Golkar conflict would bring negative impacts on the Golkat itself. Ical’s and Agung’s camp would divide the party, cadre, and cohorts of Golkar. Verdict of the State Administrative Court (PTUN) accepted lawsuit of Abu Rizal Bakrie (ARB)-led Golkar Party toward a law and humans rights minister decree (SK Menkumham) on the recognition of the Agung Lasono’s Golkar camp. “The verdict of PTUN would bring benefits for Ical’s camp so that Agung’s camp proposed judicial review. The verdict has not entirely resolved the conflict because it was only from PTUN and is not from State Court,” stated Bambang Eka Cahya Widodo, SIP., M.Si., a lecturer of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) and a political expert, in an interview on Tuesday (19/5).

Bambang emphasized that the prolonged conflict might set Golkar reputation down in its cohorts and cadres. “It would bring bad impacts on Golkar because, if the party could not overcome soon, it would reduce Golkar reputation and the cohorts and cadres might leave the party. The conflict might affect on simultaneous regional general election 2015. Thus, it is necessary to confront the endless issues,” he contended.

Bambang inserted that joining the regional elections entailed the power of politic party. “We ought to obey KPU regulations in conducting regional elections 2015. If the political power should not be established sturdily, the probability for them to win is slight. Therefore, the party would not possess any rights to propose the party in legislative election,” he added.

The conflict would also emerge party discord. “As Nasdem and Hanura, Golkar might be divided. Hence, the crux is if the problem has not been confronted, there would be other new parties that would compete with Golkar in general elections,” he asserted.

Bambang stressed that, if the conflict has been prolonged, the mayors of Golkar might retire and opt another party. “If it occurs continually, there would be diminishing of the number of cadres. For instance, Golkar won in South Sulawesi and Gorontalo, but due to the conflict the cadres might most likely move to another party,” he highlighted.

It happened that prospective mayors moved to another party. Therefore, when somebody involved in a party and does not gain merits, she/he would leave the prior party and choose another party. “The point is that the more conflicts the party has, the more cohorts and cadres the party would be left by,” he ended.

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