UMY Withdraws an Acceptance of a Prospective Student Using an Imposter

Integrity is an asset for higher education institutions to create young generations. As an educational institution, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakata (UMY) always upholds the veracity. For instance, UMY has ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards any attempts to gain admission to the university as an issue of a prospective student used an imposter in an admission test. Discussion between a team of admissions office of UMY and parents of the prospective student revealed that UMY defined to reserve an admission decision accepting the student turning into rejecting the student. UMY also reported the imposter issue to police in Kasihan.

Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P. stated that using an imposter is detrimental on many parties. “It shows cheating and dishonesty. It harms UMY as an educational institution and eliminates an occasion other prospective students, particularly if they are smart but have a financial problem. UMY offers a number of scholarships. However, if a prospective student employing a paid test taker passes an admission selection test, we could not provide scholarships for the smart students since the scholarship quota has been taken by the student using an imposter,” declared Gunawan in an interview on Monday (6/8).

He believed that the use of an imposter presents characters of prospective students. “If the prospective students pass the admission test deceitfully, we are afraid that the dishonesty will be repeated when facing patients, for instance they are medical students. I emphasized that UMY is not an institution to create dishonesty,” stressed Gunawan.

Meanwhile, Head of Admissions Office of UMY Dr. Siti Dyah Handayani, S.E., M.M explained that a meeting with a parent of the prospective student to prove whether the student used an imposter. “The parent told that the imposter guaranteed that their daughter could pass to UMY. After the meeting, the parent agreed to withdraw the acceptance of the student at Department of Medicine of UMY,” she said in an interview on Monday (6/8).

Dyah informed that to anticipate another fraud, UMY will employ a finger print for all university activities. “UMY has applied security utilizing a finger print starting from registration, tests, to acceptance. When prospective students are accepted, they have to use a finger print, employed when they register for the test, to input class attendance, pay tuition fees, and do other activities,” she mentioned.

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