UMY Welcomes Muhammadiyah Scholarship Awardees from Thailand

As a Muhammadiyah educational institution, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) always seeks to its best efforts to be an internationally leading university. One of the attempts is accepting international students and offering scholarships for them.

For instance, UMY collaborating with Southern Border Province Administration Center (SBPAC) provides fully-funded scholarships for Thai students to study at UMY. In July 2018, Board of Higher Education of Muhammadiyah in South Thailand enacted a decree to give the scholarships for five Thai students.

On Monday (28/8), Director of Office of International Affairs Yordan Gunawan, S.H., MBA, M.H. welcomed the five full-time Thai students accompanied by two representatives of the SBPAC Mr. Teeruth Supawiboonpol and Mr. Nakaria Siririkanon.

“Government of Thailand entirely supports this scholarship program. Further, we expect that the scholarship can be afforded for both Muslim and non-Muslim students,” declared Teeruth.

Besides, UMY has cooperated with Muslim Education Development of Thailand (MEDAT) to select Thai applicants to study at UMY. The MEDAT has accepted six full-time Thai students who would come to UMY on the following day.

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