UMY Successfully Conducted a Peace Concert for Palestine

Jerusalem Arabic Ensamble’s performance in the peace concert of “Give Life for Palestine” in Sportorium UMY

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) successfully conducted a peace and charity concert for Palestine. It was displayed by the enthusiasm of students and public who came to the concert on Tuesday evening (2/12) in Sportorium UMY.

The concert was attended not only by an orchestra and local singers such as Sunshine Voice, a choir of UMY, and Serambi Bagelen, but also an orchestra from Jerusalem Arabic Ensemble consisting of 12 members who were Shamira as the vocalist, ‘Ala Ishaq, Mohammad Jamal Rjoub, Hanin Jamal Rjoub, Rahaf Y. Madieh, Basil Fatihah, George Ghattas, Eleni Mustaklem, Hiba Omari, Husein, and Jaqob Hammodeh as musicians, and Mohammed ‘Awar as the manager.

The ambassador of Indonesia to Palestine, Fariz Mehdawi, who also came to the concert, welcomed the event held by UMY. He thanked to Indonesian, particularly, Yogyakarta that welcomed the Palestine orchestra. “I thank to Indonesian, especially Yogyakarta for welcoming us. Due to the close relationship between Indonesia and Palestine, there is always humanitarian action for Palestine. And, we would like to thank for all the humanitarian action for Palestine,” he stated.

Fariz complimented Yogyakarta as a peaceful city since the condition of Yogyakarta was too different from his country, Palestine. He expected that Indonesia could visit Palestine. “We wish that many more Indonesians could visit Palestine, Jerusalem as a holy city of three religions. Thus, Indonesian finds out the condition and encourages to coin the peace,” he added.

Besides, the Head of Muhammadiyah Center Organization, Din Syamsudin, in his remark video in the peace concert stated that a previous concert carried out in Jakarta on Sunday (31/11) was evidence of Indonesian solidarity toward Palestinians since they are fighting against Israel for their freedom. “I expect that this concert would raise Indonesian concern about Palestinians who are fighting for their freedom,” he said.

The same statement was uttered by Ratih Herningtyas, S.IP., M.A. as the committee. She argued that the peace concert was a token that UMY got actively involved to promote peace through a music concert. “This is the proof that we participate to promote peace. One of the ways is through a music concert for Palestine peace. Moreover, Palestine is an ongoing conflict area. It is in line with the constitution mandate to create peace and against colonialism,” she conveyed.

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