UMY Students Take Part in Coronavirus Prevention in the Campus Environment

The Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) which has been ravaging Indonesia for almost a month has caused panic in the community, limiting the space for daily activities. In addition, an appeal from the government to reduce the mobility of community activities for 2 weeks in order to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19 made people have to work and worship at home.

But there are some people who cannot work at home because they have to be the frontline in handling Covid-19, which is increasingly becoming worse over time. They are medical personnel, police officers and humanitarian volunteers who volunteered to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. They do this not because the government is unable to handle the case itself, but because it is time for us all to take part by working together to help break the Covid-19 chain.

This also makes students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) do their part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 in the campus environment, considering that the campus is one of the most likely places for Covid-19 to spread because many UMY students and lecturers histories of travelling overseas.

As many as 30 students from various UMY student organizations joined the Covid-19 Mitigation Team, which has been working since Saturday (3/21) by checking the body temperature of every UMY visitor. This temperature check is carried out with the aim of detecting any symptoms the guests might have. If they have any of the symptoms, then guests will be asked about their travel history. If they are part of the UMY academic community, they will be referred to the Lapangan Bintang Clinic, but if they are not part of the UMY academic community, they will be referred to the nearest health service. In addition, the Covid-19 Mitigation Team was tasked with providing logistics to the UMY academic community who were designated as ODP (Monitored People) during isolation.

“This ODP status is not because they have a history of illness but because they have a history of overseas travel so we automatically isolate them, provide them with nutritious foods, and place them in a special lodging. A total of 8 students and 20 lecturers were designated as ODP, but for lecturers, we immediately returned them home to conduct independent quarantine. If during the quarantine the situation gets worse they will be referred to the referral hospital that has been designated by UMY namely PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping and Asri Medical Center (AMC),” concluded the person in charge of volunteers, Rozikan, S.E.I., M.S.I. when contacted by the UMY Public Relations Team on Saturday (28/03) at the UMY Global Youth Campus.

Rozikan also expressed UMY’s hopes from these checks. He hopes that the entire academic community will be cooperative with the checking, be honest about the history of illness and their journies abroad, and not give many complaints. In addition, when health problems are found, hopefully they are able to follow the direction of the Covid-19 Mitigation Team so that all problems can be resolved properly. “Currently, UMY has also applied online lectures so we urge students not to leave the house or boarding house if not for urgent needs such as buying staple items. For educators, the shift system has been implemented to reduce the density of people in the environment, “Rozikan added.

“For students who want to return to their hometowns, please pay attention to the Domestic Travel Protocol that has been issued by UMY in order to return home to your families safely and not bring the virus to the family at home. For those who decide not to go home, just stay at the boarding house, don’t hang out and only come out if it is urgent, “Rozikan closed. (ads)

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