UMY Students Should Be excellent at Religious Aspects

Students who pursue education at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UM), having a tagline of Unggul dan Islami (excellent and Islamic), are demanded to be eminent not only academically but also religiously. This comes in accordance with an utterance by Head of Office of Students and Alumni Development (LPKA) of UMY Faris Al-Fadhat, Ph.D. and a famous Indonesian ustadz Muzammil Hasballah. The two speakers delivered their hopes in an opening of Tabligh Akbar Musabawoh Tilawatil Quran Mahasiswa (MTQM) on Friday (1/3).

In the opening speech at the 5th Floor of K.H. Ibrahim Building, Faris Al-Fadhat, Ph.D. explained the importance of the MTQM event. He conveyed, “MTQM can be a means to Fastabiqul Khoirot (competing in goodness), and also can be a medium to broadcast and conserve Al-Quran. As an Islamic UMY should prioritize religious aspect, not just academic ones. By commencing the MQTM, hopefully UMY can assist to canalize students’ potencies in a field of Islamic-based competitions.”

Furthermore, Muzammil Hasballah stated that students should compete in terms of goodness. He also urged students to practice values of Al-Quran. “My companions here should set achievements and study hard. An Islamic university surely will generate distinguished students, who can comprehend contents of Al-Quran and enact it as inspirations in daily life. Al-Quran can be applied as a cure to battle idleness,” he revealed.

Muzammil continued his preaching about necessity to comprehend and practice contents of Al-Quran. “It begins with a story of Prophet Muhammad Shallallhu’alaihi wa sallam. The Prophet Muhammad is a Quranul Jannah. He lives not only to be obedient to Al-Quran, but he also delivers it to ummah in every aspect of life. The Prophet Muhammad portrays a good figure as leader and guide of ummah, warlord, and as a father. The Prophet Muhammad implemented his actions based on values of Al-Quran so that he can strengthen and glorify generation of people,” maintained Muzammil.

Additionally, Student Activity Unit of Tilawatil Quran Development Office (UKM LPTQ) conducted the event along with series of competitions on Saturday (2/3). Chief of Committee of MTQM Dedi Prasetyo Wibowo uttered, “There were eleven competitions, namely tilawah (recital of Al-Quran), tartil (Al-Quran hymnody), kaligrafi (Arabic decorative lettering), fahmil (Al-Quran basic comprehension), KTIA, design application, English debate, hifdzil Al-Quran (Al-Quran memorization), Arabic debate, syarhil (Al-Quran poetry), and qiraat sabah (Al-Quran recitation) competition.”

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