UMY Students Elected as Delegation for Istanbul Youth Summit 2020

The youth generation is the generation who will continue and fulfill the future goals of the nation. Strong leadership is needed to produce an excellent generation of Indonesian youth. In order to realize these noble ideals, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) sent two of its students namely Baiq Ulva Rahmawati (International Relations 2017) and Rahul Abdhi Mahgail (Electrical Engineering 2018) to the Istanbul Youth Summit 2020 (IYS 2020) held on 27-30 January 2020 at the Bağlarbası Congress and Culture Center, Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey.

This event was hosted by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB) and was themed “Preparing Youth Leader 2045: Breakthrough in Regeneration for Strategic Position in Government and Non-Government Organizations”. The aim of the event was for the youths to share international leadership knowledge, and for them to partiicpate in a joint project after this program has finished, thus creating a real contribution for the development of youth. This event was attended by 200 participants from around the world.

The event was attended by Enes Efendioglu (Turkish Government Scholarship Adviser, Turkiye Burslari Scholarship), Yanuar Nugroho (Former Deputy Chief of Staff Executive Office of the President, Indonesia 2015-2019), KH Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh (Deputy of the Youth Development of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia), Analisa Widyaningrum (Psychologist and CEO of APDC Indonesia), Turah Parthayana (Diaspora in Russia and Youth Influencer Youtuber), and Hofyan Nazakki (Director of Youth of APDC Indonesia). The speakers gave inspirational and motivational stories in youth development. Because in every change, the youth must have a role.

By using the collaboration in diversity tagline, hundreds of delegates from various countries can unite and collaborate to expand the network among young leaders in the world. The IYS participants were asked to display the culture of their respective countries of origin. “We and other Indonesian student representatives together performed a saman dance using the Bugis-Makassar Traditional Bodo Shirt,” said Baiq Ulva Rahmawati when interviewed on Monday (17/1).

“The selection process of IYS is quite strict because we have to compete against thousands of student papers from all over Indonesia. Our paper was themed around the 2045 gold generation. Because the generation that should be printed in 2045 is a generation that has a strong mentality, is creative, and wants to collaborate with other countries. The more developed countries are invited to collaborate, the more knowledge will be gained and can be applied in Indonesia, “Ulva added.

Rahul Abdhi Mahgail added that according to the organizers, the acceptance of their paper was because it was simple but unique and different from the others. “Even with the same theme, we have to be smart in framing our essay simply but according to facts and reality. Incidentally, the theme must be the same, which is about the Gold Generation of 2045. The paper that we made is also in accordance with the project that we will do after we return from IYS that is developing the potential that exists in the village of Pakem, “he said.

“The knowledge that we have gained from IYS will be applied in Indonesia as a form of our dedication to UMY and the wider community. We, together with the Student Activity Unit of the Student Research Group (UKM KPM), will explore the potential of the community in the Pakem area. In our opinion, the Pakem area has enormous potential from its garden products to tourism that is not known to the surrounding community. We will develop this potential as much as possible so that it can become a selling point for people in the Pakem area, “concluded Rahul. (ads)

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