UMY Students Coin the First Effervescent Supplement for Breast Cancer in Indonesia

Breast cancer is the foremost deadly disease for women in Indonesia. The breast cancer is commonly affected women at the age of above 50 years old. Noticing the fact, students of Department of Pharmacy of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Fatma Sari Mashita, Dwi Asih Ramadhani, and Hayu Ikfini coined a cheap fresh anti-breast cancer supplement.

A research leader Fatma Sari stated that, according to Cancer Registry Board of Indonesian Pathology Specialist Association (IAPI) and Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), in 2010 12 of 100,000 Indonesian women suffered breast cancer and the number are increasing since 2002. The supplement called NONA CAMELLIA utilized herbs as chemopreventive agents. Tea leaves of Camellia sinensis possess a lot of benefits as the greatest antioxidant because they contain active compounds such as catechins. Besides, soursop leaves also comprise of an anticancer compound, namely acetogenin. The combination of both leaves bear high anticancer agents,” explained Fatma in an interview on Monday (16/7).

Fatma added that the NONA CAMELLIA supplement is effervescence which can be drunk with hot or cold water. “The supplement provides freshness and eliminate bad taste of the tea and soursop leaf extract. The NONA CAMELLIA supplement is expected to contribute to prevent breast cancer. The supplement was examined through in vitro tests such as a chemical substance, antioxidant activity, component-receptor interaction, and a physical dose test,” she explained.

“The tests revealed a potential result. Indeed, we are now preparing for publication in an international conference. The effervescent NONA CAMELLIA supplement may give positive contribution to science development, particularly in a health field and can assist people to avert breast cancer,” hoped Fatma.

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