UMY Prepares Various Facilities for KRI 2015

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has prepared various facilities for Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) 2015 being conducted on 11-14 June 2015. The facilities comprise of main venue of the contest and supporting facilities. The main venue of KRI 2015 is at Sportorium of UMY which the area is 21,500 square meters and could accommodate 5000 people.

“Preparation for all facilities has been 80%. We would provide various supporting facilities as stages and others,” stated Surya Budi Lesmana, a member of equipment division of KRI 2015 in an interview on Tuesday (9/6).

Surya inserted that there would be 5 stages for 4 contest categories, namely  Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI), Indonesia Fire Fighting Robot Contest (KKRPAI), Indonesia Art Robot Contest (KRSI), and Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI). “We provide 5 stages since there are two kinds of KRPAI, namely rolling-KRPAI and legged-KRPAI,” Surya added.

Several supporting facilities have been prepared as pit stop for participants to prepare their robot before the contest. There is also medical facility to anticipate when the participants feel unwell. “In addition, we have added 40 lamps to foster lighting capacities of the stages. Each lamp has 400 watts of power so that the lighting power is approximately 350 lumens. It has been in line with the guideline of Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI),” Surya informed.

Furthermore, anticipating short circuit or breakages when the participants prepare their robot, there would be technical workers to assist the participants repair it. There would also be provided media centre at Sportorium for journalists to broadcast the KRI 2015. The committee also provides 58 toilets at Sportorium.

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