UMY Pharmacy Study Program Together with Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia Bantul Regency Branch and Akbidyo Pharmacy Study Program Hold a Program to Support Health Workers

In the current outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, health workers act as the rear guard in handling patients infected with the Coronavirus. Health workers are at risk of contracting the Coronavirus from the patients they handle. This moved the humanitarian side of Bantul pharmacists who joined Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI) organization to collect donations in Bantul Regency.

With the support of the FKIK UMY Pharmacy Study Program led by their lecturers, apt. Ingenida Hadning, M.Sc, apt. M. Fariez Kurniawan, M.Farm, apt. Dyani Primasari S., M.Sc, apt. Vella Laili D., M.Farm, apt. Pinasti Utami, M.Sc, apt. MT Ghozali, M.Sc, and apt. Dr. Bangunawati Rahajeng, M.Si, the alliance conducted a community service activity entitled “Bantul Pharmacist Action to Support Health Workers in Handling COVID-19”, on Tuesday to Thursday (14-16/4).

apt. Ingenida Hadning, M.Sc said that in the community service activity, the Bantul pharmacists distributed 600 packages to health workers all over Bantul Regency. “The package contains vitamins, honey, milk, and hand sanitizers to maintain the health of health workers. We produced the hand sanitizers ourselves in collaboration with FKIK UMY Pharmacy Study Program and Akbidyo Pharmacy Study Program,” she said when contacted on Sunday (19/4).

The packages were distributed to 4 hospitals and 9 clinics in Bantul Regency. The hospital that received the package was Panembahan Senopati Bantul Hospital, RSPAU Dr. S. Hardjolukito, PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul Hospital, and Santa Elisabeth Bantul Hospital. Whereas the clinics are the Pandak I, Bambanglipuro, Srandakan, Imogiri I, Bantul I, Sedayu I, Banguntapan I, Poor I, and Piyungan clinics.

“We hope that this community service can benefit health workers in Bantul Regency so they are always healthy and can work optimally in caring for COVID-19 patients during this epidemic. We also hope that more people will pay attention to health workers who are handling this epidemic, “concluded Ingenida.

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