UMY PAI Study Program Maintain A-Level Accreditation.

The Islamic Religious Education Study Program (PAI), of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) met the requirements for accreditation A with a score of 376. This is based on the Decree of BAN-PT No.4470 / SK / BAN-PT / Ak-PPJ / S / VIII / 2020 which was issued on 5 August.

The Head of the PAI Study Program, Fajar Rachmadhani, Lc., M.Hum., When met on Friday (14/08) explained the long process that had been taken to be able to maintain this title. Preparation for accreditation has been carried out since 2018 by forming a special accreditation team with one person in charge of each accreditation standard. These standards include: Vision, Mission, Goals and Targets, and Achievement Strategies; Management, Leadership, Management Systems, and Quality Assurance; Students and Graduates; Human Resources; Curriculum, Learning, and Academic Atmosphere; Financing, Facilities and Infrastructure, and Information Systems; and Research, Service or Community Service, and Collaboration. “Lots of regulations and dynamics occurred during this accreditation process. In 2019, when we uploaded the requirements, we did not get a follow-up from BAN-PT for several months,” he said.

In addition, in 2020 when data was updated and uploaded, there was a new regulation from BAN-PT which stated that study programs that had received accreditation A would automatically get an extension of accreditation without any visitation. In the future, the accreditation levels will change Excellence, Excellent, and Good with the addition of standard accreditation instruments in the form of Lecturers with Doctoral Status, Number of Lecturers with Lector Status, Curriculum, and also Alumni Study Tracer.

Regarding going through the long dynamic in achieving accreditation, Fajar emphasized that team solidarity and document completeness were the most influential things. “Good coordination by maximizing the role of young lecturers and advice from senior lecturers is very helpful. In addition, the role of alumni in filling in the alumni study tracer data also helps the accreditation scores,” he said.

Furthermore, Fajar explained that in the future, the PAI study program aims to achieve superior accreditation. “The PAI Study Program will again make preparations for additional accreditation instruments. Hopefully, the team solidarity will be maintained so that the target to achieve Superior accreditation can be achieved,” Fajar concluded. (Ays)

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