UMY Management Study Program Assisted Bausasran Citizens to Use Narrow Land

The narrow space of their land has not dampened the desire of residents of RW 11 Bausasran, Danurejan Subdistrict, Yogyakarta to enliven their lands. Accompanied by the Community Service Team for the Management Study Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), residents of RW 11 Bausasran used the existing land to cultivate papaya. The idea of cultivating papaya came from a discussion between residents and the UMY FEB Management service team consisting of Meika Kurnia and Isthofaina.

“The people are very enthusiastic about the idea of papaya cultivation because this plant is a plant that is relatively easy to cultivate and does not need special attention,” said Triyana, Chairman of RW 11 Bausasran on Thursday (13/8).

Triyana added that from the results of the discussion between the residents and the FEB UMY Management Study Program team, the tambulampot (potless cultivation system) method was chosen because the vacant land in the RW 11 area is mostly close to village roads that are busy with vehicles, so there is a high risk of using direct land.

During the pandemic, the use of narrow land in urban areas, apart from helping the community in greening their territory, can become an alternative activity.

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