UMY Library Reached A-level Accreditation by Becoming a Colorful and Comfortable Public Space

Most people think libraries as a Dark, dusty, quiet, and ancient place. That is why many people, moreover young people, are reluctant to spend time in that place. However, that impression will disappear when we enter the central library of Universitas (UMY). It is clean, relaxed, comfortable, cheerful and colorful. It is more of a reading park than a library. Because of this, the UMY library received an A Accreditation from the Library Accreditation Institute.

“If there is no physical change from what was shown to the assessors five years ago, there will be no difference. Muhammadiyah continues to progress, so today must be better than yesterday. That became our main concept to make changes,” he said when met in his office on Tuesday (25/2) at UMY.

Currently, the UMY library located at Gedung K.H Mas Mansyur UMY has interesting facilities besides a large collection of books. The first floor has a cheerful and nuanced concept. Visitors are given the freedom to have discussions anywhere, using colorful chairs or even sitting on the floor. In addition, there is also a coffee shop located in the corner of the room where visitors can order drinks and snacks.

In addition to promoting a lively concept, the UMY library also provides nine small cubicles intended for students or lecturers who need peace and quiet to do their assignments. Before making various changes in the library, Lasa observed the types and the needs of visitors.

“If anyone wants to lie down, go ahead. They’re tired, so don’t wake them up. If anyone wants to wear sandals, they can. If we’re harsh, people will be afraid of going to the library. But dressing modestly must be prioritized, people should not be prohibited to educate themselves. If you want to talk, please do. If students talk, they must be scientific, just the kind of people who come here. There is also a place for those who need peace, “he said.

The senior librarian also said that the campus should have an open space that is comfortable and open for anyone. For him, every good discussion will produce good thoughts as well. He also determined that the modern library could be a place for students and lecturers to spend time.

“More and more students are starting to host discussions and gather here. In addition, there are also lecturers who provide guidance and receive guests from outside the library. With the results of accreditation, UMY will have an easier time for the study program and university accreditation process. In addition, the A accreditation we have will also provide convenience and added value when there are study programs that are accredited,” he concluded. (ak)

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