UMY Lecturers Develop BMT-Based Santripreneur

Lecturers of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) developed a sharia performance-based santripreneur (BMT) for students of the Budhi Darma Piyungan Islamic Economics Boarding School. The program was carried out because of the low Islamic financial literacy of students with various backgrounds, as well as a lack of adequate facilities for Islamic financial practices such as sharia micro bank space or BMT.

Dr. Ayif Fathurrahman, MSI, the head of the community service team, said that the Budi Dharma Boarding School has actually committed to becoming an entrepreneurship boarding school based on sharia economics. “However, this strong commitment has not yet been realized. In terms of learning materials, competency in Islamic microfinance institutions is still not a mandatory subject. Education on entrepreneurship or sharia cooperatives (BMT) has not been held, so they do not have motivation in sharia entrepreneurship through BMT,” he explained when contacted Friday (7/8).

To address this main problem, Ayif and his team offered a solution through the program he launched. “We provide assistance to increase students’ understanding of BMT and help them conduct practices and training on BMT to boost public trust in this entrepreneurial boarding school. This will help the school develop into an entrepreneurial Islamic boarding school based on the Islamic economy,” Ayif added.

The program implemented by Ayif and his team had satisfying results. Pesantren administrator and student understanding about BMT and its operations have increased. Teacher participation also increases in the development of Islamic boarding schools, which has an impact on optimizing economic potential through Islamic boarding school activities.

“We hope that this program can improve Syariah entrepreneurship education and the entrepreneurial training system dubbed as santripreneur, which is integrated with the development of sharia cooperatives or BMT boarding schools as a vehicle for the development of the independent character of the students. This will also be in line with the aspirations of this boarding school, which wants to become an entrepreneurial Islamic boarding school based on Islamic economics, who can recite the Koran, but also excel and be independent, ”Ayif concluded.

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