UMY Lecturers and Students Assist People to Implement 10 Indicators of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior

Health is an important aspect for people’s life so that high awareness is necessary to preserve it. There are 10 indicators to reach a goal of healthy life. Most Indonesian people generally still have no consideration to implement healthy and clean habit. One of the examples exists in Daleman Orchard, Girikerto Village, in Sleman Region, Yogyakarta.

Daleman Orchard consists of 3 main districts: Somoitan, Ponosaran Lor, and Kampoeng Daleman. Numbers of people who live in Daleman are approximately 211 KK (families). However, those people have not implemented healthy life yet. Setting out from that matter, KKN PPM of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a Pola Hidup Sheat dan Bersih (PHBS – Clean and Healthy Living Behavior) program which was also a program under Depkes RI, known as Indonesia Sehat.

PHBS problems happening in Daleman were similar to other PHBS problems in general. Depkes RI stated that there were 10 indicators: laboring a child done by medical assistance, breast feeding, weighing a baby and toddler, clear water for daily usage, hand-washing with water and soap, clean sanitation, prevention from mosquito larva, fruit and vegetables for daily consumption, physical activities, and non-smoking activities inside of house.

 “KKN 092 assists the people of Daleman to implement PHBS. We urge the importance to wash hands before eating and persuade the villagers to reduce the smoking habit inside room,” stated a supervisor of KKN 092, Rita Kusumawari. S.E. M.Si.

KKN PPM UMY proposes programs to achieve the 10 indicators, such as elucidation of PHBS, Warung Hidup, Posyandu activity, and prevention of mosquito’s lavas.

Further, Rita hoped that PHBS would not be just a formal statement, but it needed to be implemented thoroughly. She also cited that people should always implement clean and healthy life. She also informed that they collaborated with women in Daleman to plant vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

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