UMY Islamic Studies Students Discusses Demographic Bonuses to Golden Indonesia 2045

In order to face Golden Indonesia 2045 along with the demographic bonus, where there are many and abundant people in their productive ages, the role of the millennial generation is needed to prepare a demographic bonus towards Indonesia in 2045. To this end, the Student Executive Board of the Islamic Studies Faculty of UMY (BEM FAI UMY) held a National Seminar with the theme “The Role and Innovation of Millennial Generation in Answering the Problem of Demographic Bonus “On Saturday (22/2) in the KH Ibrahim Building, UMY Central Campus.

Muhammad Zakiy, S.E.I., M.Sc., the FAI UMY Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, said that the idea of welcoming a golden age of Indonesia in 2045 predicted a demographic bonus. “Demographic bonus is an event where the abundance of people in productive age great. With this phenomenon, there is no certainty that the demographic bonus will determine the productive age at work. In fact, it potentially can increase the number of unemployed demographic bonuses. Therefore, today’s seminar is expected to help students learn and be part of a useful demographic bonus in the future,” he said.

This is in line with the statement of Tri Wahyudi, Chairperson of the Unified Pertamina Workers Union of Balongan, who stated that demographic bonuses can be an opportunity or a curse if they are not prepared properly and thoroughly. In addition, demographic bonus is a phenomenon that is only experienced by millennials. “There are challenges and opportunities in facing the demographic bonus, the challenge is that the level of unemployment of the millennial generation is recorded more, the interest of the millennial generation to become entrepreneurs is still low and there is also a wage gap between genders. More challenges include the fact that most entrepreneurs use the internet in running their businesses, technology literacy, and connecting through social networks. Therefore it is necessary for students to provide a change in welcoming the demographic bonus to Indonesia’s golden age come 2045,” he explained.

Furthermore, dr. Ali Mahsun, President of the Indonesian Street Vendors Association also conveyed the importance of the pillars of leadership in facing demographic bonuses in the midst of the 4.0 industrial revolution. “To make Indonesia’s golden age in 2045 come true, in addition to the demographic bonus we need to have a top leader for millennial generation, and students need to prepare themselves to become future leaders that are ready to face the demographic bonus that will come,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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