UMY Improves Journals to International Levels with SINTA 2 Accredited Journals

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) continues to make achievements in the field of journals and publications, this is shown by the increasing number of journals in UMY that have received Sinta 2 accreditation. According to Decree from the Ministry of Research and Technology Number 148 / M / KPT / 2020, there are two UMY journals that rose to Sinta 2 rank, namely Komunikator and the Journal of Governance and Public Policy, and the Media Hukum journal remained in Sinta 2 while Semesta Teknika rose to Sinta 3.

These achievements of the UMY journals cannot be separated from the extraordinary support from the university in providing operational support for journals, accreditation acceleration programs, and journal acceleration programs within UMY. This extraordinary university support was emphasized by the Editor in Chief of the Komunikator Journal, namely Dr. Filosa Gita Sukmono (22/09). “Our achievement of Sinta 2 cannot be separated from various programs at UMY to encourage its journals to continue to progress and develop both at the national and international levels,” he said.

After many journals within UMY became nationally accredited, the university’s target is to increase the number of journals with international reputation. “Hopefully the journals at UMY can continue to improve, to be indexed by Scopus or WOS. Furthermore, after being indexed internationally, the writers will be more varied, not only from within the country but also from abroad,” explained Dianita Sugiyo, Head of UMY’s Journal and Publication Division.

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