UMY Implemented Early Detection of Civitas and Guests Who Entered the Campus Environment to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Virus

In order to reduce the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) which is currently spreading in Indonesia and has reached the city of Yogyakarta, based on an official decree from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs no. 304 / A.2-VIII / II / 2020 dated March 14, 2020, and heeding the letter of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 35492 / A.A5 / HK / 2020 dated March 12, 2020 concerning Prevention of Corona Virus Disease Spread (COVID-19 ), decree of Muhammadiyah Central Executive Board No. 02 / MLM / 1.0 / H / 2020, Director General of Higher Education Circular no. 1 of 2020, and Rector’s Regulation no. 001 / PR-UMY / III / 2020. As well as paying attention to developments in the community, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) as one of the places that triggered the spread of the COVID-19 virus due to the density of the crowd when lectures took place, intended to continue to carry out face-to-face lecture activities as usual but still pay attention to health and safety protocols that have been established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Therefore, the UMY COVID-19 mitigation team will impose restrictions on access to the UMY campus by only opening the main gate, and body temperature detection protocols will be carried out by a team from FKIK UMY and Gate officers from King Security who have been trained by the UMY health team. The temperature checks that has been carried out since Friday (20/3) is aimed at every academic community, education staff, students, and guests who want to enter the UMY Central Campus. “If a guest has a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or more, they will be directed to meet a medical officer (from UMY clinic) who will screen them based on the epidemiological monitoring criteria from the Ministry of Health,” stated the UMY Vice-Rector I for Academic Affairs and the UMY COVID-19 Mitigation Task Force Leader Dr. Ir. Sukamta, MT., IPM., When interviewed by the UMY Public Relations Team on Saturday (21/3).

Such actions, according to Sukamta, will continue as long as the emergency state caused by the COVID-19 virus outbreak has not been revoked by the government. Preparation of health and safety protocol in the campus environment is also a form of UMY care for the academic community. Besides that, they also took part in helping the government in trying to prevent the COVID-19 virus so that students could still learn even though the Covid-19 virus outbreak had not yet subsided. “Another important thing that must be considered is that the UMY academic community is still protected from the Covid-19 virus outbreak during the learning activities in the campus environment.This is done by maintaining our health and fitness and always praying for protection from God, because viruses are God’s creatures and the virus will never land on a human body without Allah’s will, “added Sukamta. (ads)

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