UMY Hisbul Wathan Cadre Victorious in Scouting Competition in Jakarta

As an Education Organization under the Muhammadiyah Flag, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Is an educational basis for Muhammadiyah cadres, which includes its autonomous organization (Ortom). Recently four UMY students and members of the Hizbul Wathan Student Activity (UKM HW UMY) won several titles in the “Scouting Skill Competition” which took place in Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta (UMJ) from 29-31 July.

Bima pakusadewa, one of the victorious students, stated that UKM HW UMY was victorious in three categories: First place for Zoology and Botany Journal Writing with the title “The Effects of Shallot for your Health” by Bima Pakusadewa, followed by the second place winner Annida K.H, third place winner Melati Sagita, and Dzakariya Salaparang won third runner up for the “High Rope Access System” category.

“Alhamdulillah, we managed to bring glory to the campus (UMY) name in this year’s HW Scouting Competition, which was participated by many students from various Muhammadiyah Colleges around the island,” he said when contacted by UMY’s Office of Human Resources & Protocol on Monday (5/8).

He also added that the team only did two weeks of preparation for the competition. However, that did not stop them from competing, because every competitor from UMY is already skilled on their own. “We did not have much time to prepare, but we still performed as best as we can, because we are ready for any competition 24/7,” he added.

Meanwhile, the leader of UKM HW UMY, An Ufi Lukman Hakim stated that the organization will continue to evaluate and train so they could perform better. They will also continue relations with other Muhammadiyah Colleges.

“In regard to continue our winning streak in the National level, we will participate in other competitions, either in scouting or anything related to it. This includes continuing relations with other Muhammadiyah colleges all around Indonesia, especially in our region (Yogyakarta Special Region),” he stated.

Ufi also hopes that the organization can introduce UKM HW UMY to the national level, as a part of his responsibility as a Muhammadiyah cadre. (ak)

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