UMY Government Science Lab Strengthens Digital Media Governance

The Laboratory of Governmental Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IP UMY Lab) held a digital media governance workshop, Saturday-Sunday (15-16 / 8). The workshop, which is a series of the UMY IP Lab Annual Work Meeting (RKT) for the 2019/2020 academic year, aimed to improve the quality of laboratory services to students and lecturers.

“We are currently facing an era of disruption in various fields, including in government affairs. For example, information services are now completely digital,” said Sakir Ridho Wijaya, M.IP., the Coordinator of the UMY IP Lab. Sakir added that one of the things that needs to be managed is social media for information services. “We want the UMY Government Science Laboratory to be at the forefront of e-government development services, so that students can learn to manage social media for the benefit of public information,” said the UMY Government Science lecturer.

With Dr. Fajar Junaedi as the speaker, this workshop was attended by enthusiastic laboratory staff. Fajar stated that social media management is very important because currently, social media sees more use by the public than conventional mass media. The UMY Communication Science lecturer, who is actively conducting research on digital media explained that in social media management, good teamwork and knowing the market or consumers on each social media platform are important.

“We cannot avoid negative assessments from the public, but we can increase the positive content to reduce these negative assessments. For that, we need institutional governance of digital media, “explained Fajar.

In addition to the social media development workshop, participants were also given lessons on website development by Anhar Wahyu, S.E., staff of the SEO unit and the UMY Information System Bureau website.

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