UMY Establishes Shopping Complex Unit



Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) will establish a new business unit. After successfully establishing business units as bottled water UMY Tirta and UMY Autocare, UMY begins the new business, a rental of shopping complex. The shopping complex is constructed in front of South UMY University Residence (Unires).

Vice Chancellor of UMY for resources and finance Dr. Suryo Pratolo, M.Si., Akt., CA., AAP. in his remark stated that the shopping complex of UMY was a realization of a mandate of vision and mission of UMY and based on Annual Meeting (RKT). It was written on the RKT that UMY has to develop facilities to be more valuable for many people, for both academicians of UMY and public. “UMY has designed milestone to make facilities fruitful for many people. This year our milestone is making shopping complex and it is expected to have many activities for either business and non business,” he hold in a event of putting the first stone of the shopping complex in Female Unires, UMY, on Wednesday (17/6).

Dr. Suryo conveyed that street vendors around UMY could be more orderly by the establishment of shopping complex since he saw that a lot of street vendors emerged around UMY. “We could not control the emergence of street vendors, but we are willing to manage them. They might rent the shops so that no one is inflicted a financial loss. Moreover, when it gets afternoon, more people sell around here and it will be managed,” he told.

The shopping complex would comprise of 9 shops with 4×7-meter area. D Suryo informed that the shops are for not only the street vendors but also Muhammadiyah parties to empower their economy. Besides, there will be provided one shop or two shops for UMY students winning their student creativity program in national level. “Whoever may rent the shops, either street vendors, Muhammadiyah parties, or students. If it is Muhammadiyah parties, we may rent it for free since we upholding on principles of Al-Ma’un to help and empower economy of middle-low community. However, the shop for students may be rented only for a year so that it could substitute with the other,” he explained.

Dr. Suryo inserted that the fund of constructing the shops was not from student tuition fee, it was from the result of building and ATM rental of Banks at UMY. “The fund is not taken from student tuition fee. The fund is from business units managed by UMY Multi Amal Usaha Terpadu (UMAT). Next year, Insya Allha the benefit of this shopping complex would be utilized to build the other shopping complex and an apartment in Male Unires,” he informed.

Additionally, Chairman of Daily Advisor Board of UMY Prof. Dr. H. Syamsul Anwar, M.A. uttered that the establishment of the shopping complex is essential for UMY. Even though the main duty is education, UMY is a private university that the educational fund should be fulfilled by itself or the educational process could not run well. “Therefore, the business development aims at supporting the education itself, and we wish that the education could be perceived by all people,” he said.

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