UMY Establishes Ahmad Syafi’i Ma’arif School of Thought and Humanity



Thoughts of Syafi’i Ma’arif, well known as Buya Syafi’i, can be a fascinating idea to develop. He always proposes inclusive progressive moderate Islamic thoughts for humanity so that he is considered as the National Teacher of Indonesia. Based on the circumstance, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) established “Ahmad Syafi’I Ma’arif of Political Thought and Humanity” aimed that Indonesian young generation can have thoughts as Buya’s. “This school is expected to expand Islamic thoughts of youths in international level and publication, as well as to encourage thoughts of Muhammadiyah ulama. Buya’s thoughts will later be translated into two languages, namely Arabic and English,” informed the Director of Postgraduate program Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc. in a soft launching of ASM School of Political Thought and Humanity and a book review at Mini Theater of Gedung Pascasarjana, Floor 4, on Tuesday afternoon (7/7).

“I still think that I live my life for nothing. When Bung Hatta was 26 years old, he had incredible thoughts. In fact, the notions could just exist when 30 years old. Even though, establishing this school is not my initiation, I wish that this school can be valuable for Indonesian youths,” Buya hoped in his remark.

Buya told that he had joined a conference several weeks ago discussing that a person declines a position (power) offered to him. “He argues that a power is essential for the nation development, particularly for Indonesian prosperity. The refusal was carried out by people of Muhammadiyah, except the elderly of Muhammadiyah,” he stated followed by the audience’s laugh.

Moreover, Prof. Tulus hoped that the school can emerge thoughts as Buya’s although the idea was not from Buya. “We will remain asking his permission and blessing in order that this school can run well. This is just soft launching while the grand launching will be conducted in October, Insya Allah,” he conveyed.

The establishment of ASM School of Political Thought and Humanity aims at extending Islamic view as rahmatan lil alamin constructively for civilization development. “It implies that we will be ideological children of Buya and descend his thoughts. Thus, we are not only his followers, yet we always foster his thoughts. I wish that this school can be a famed institution for the developed moderate Islamic study,” Prof. Tulus inserted.

Besides, Vice Chancel Chancellor I of MY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyant, M.P. said that ASM School of Thought and Humanity showed us that Sciences and Technology without Political Thought cannot run well. “Therefore, I wish that ASM will create generation following ideology of Buya,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, Research Director of Ma’arif Institute Ahmad Imam Mujadid Rais, M.A. told that this school will be novelty to elevate Buya’s thoughts. “It is the same as chaos due to rivalry between Polri and KPK, and then several people urged Jokowi to call Buya to ask his advice. As the result, inauguration of Budi Gunawan was cancelled. The case displays that Buya’s thoughts have vital roles for this nation,” he informed.

Moreover, facilities provided by ASM Political Thought and Humanity are national and international conferences each year, scholarship for students of doctoral program particularly for Muhammadiyah family, research funding of developed Islamic study for lecturers and students, and funding for writing and publishing journals on a book.


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