UMY Encourages Students to Show their Talent during the Pandemic Period by Participating in Two National Competitions

The Covid-19 pandemic does not reduce student productivity and their desire to show their interests and talents. The university has a duty to support the development of student activities, especially interests and talents as a form of supporting student achievement. For this reason, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) encourages students to be involved in participating in two national competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud RI).

The two national competitions are the National Student Arts Week (PEKSIMINAS) which was held on 9-15 November 2020 and the Indonesian Student Film Festival (FFMI) which will be held on 25-27 November 2020, with the announcement of the winners on 30 November. In the National Student Arts Week (PEKSIMINAS) competition, UMY appointed 28 participants who will take part in 14 competitions and delegated two teams in the Indonesian Student Film Festival (FFMI) competitions, with a total of 60 participants consisting of 2017-2020 students.

Rozikan, SEI, MSI, Head of the Student Interest and Talent Development Division said when contacted on Tuesday (17/11) that the UMY Student and Alumni Development Institute (LPKA UMY) facilitated UMY students with their interests and talents to participate in two national level competitions, namely PEKSIMINAS and FFMI. “There are two national level competition agendas that the UMY students are participating in, namely PEKSIMINAS which was participated by 28 participants in 14 competitions which have various categories ranging from individual to group and male and female categories, while in the FFMI competition, UMY send two teams by submitting two fictional films. Both competitions are conducted online considering the current conditions in the Covid-19 pandemic,” he explained.

Rozikan also added that the competition, which is held every two years, is an opportunity to support student achievement. Therefore, LPKA UMY conducts internal selection to provide guidance to online national competitions. “UMY, through LPKA, fosters its students by accommodating preparation for competitions such as training sessions which were held one month before the competition, and Student Activity Units (UKM) involved in the competition, including UKM Dance Sentaka Mudya, Music UKM, UKM Sunshine Voice, UKM Theater Tangga, UKM RPC, UKM Nuansa and IMM for participants of the National Student Art Week and for UKM Kine and the CIKO Community who were participants in the Student Film Festival competition,” he added.

Meanwhile, Rozikan hopes that by participating in the two national level competition, the students can be more enthusiastic and show their achievements with their interests and talents. “This is the first time UMY has participated in two national competitions in one month. By participating in the competition, we can raise the enthusiasm of students, and this can serve as proof that UMY facilitates the interests and talents of its students through the most prestigious competitions, so that by participating in the competition, we hoped that it can produce new achievements for students,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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