UMY Dispatches 132 KKN Students to Health Themed Community Service Program

132 students of the Medical Education Study Program, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (FKIK UMY) were officially deployed to conduct their Community Service Program (KKN). This new Health-centric Community Service will be placed in 12 locations in the Sleman area.

The thematic service deployment ceremony was held at Erwin Santosa Building FKIK UMY, PKU Gamping Hospital on Wednesday (12/02), symbolized by the embedding of KKN Participant Cards to each KKN location group leader by the Head of the Institute for Research, Publication and Community Service at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (LP3M UMY), Dr. Ir. Gatot Supangkat, M.P.

In his remarks, Gatot stated that UMY had a Faculty of Medicine but did not require the implementation of the Community Service Program for its students. “This should be a concern for all of us. When I make observations in the field, I often get requests from the community related to the needs in the health sector. This means that the role of doctors in society is very much needed. However, the focus of KKN participants when running the KKN program is not to treat but to make the community aware of the importance of health, especially those who need attention including the elderly, “said Gatot.

To respond to the community’s request, UMY committed themselves to help anyone without discrimination. ” The Muhammadiyah General Hospital makes it clear what kind of role Muhammadiyah has in the health sector for the community. It is my hope that this will become a charitable endeavour of Muhammadiyah’s contribution to society through health. In the future, the Health-themed Community Service will collaborate with other Faculties, because Community service is multi-disciplinary, not mono-disciplinary. Thus the three goals of KKN will be achieved,” added Gatot.

On the same occasion, the Head of the UMY LP3M Service Division Dr. Aris Slamet Widodo, S.P, M.Sc. said that the success of community service is assessed by the process, and the process would be successful if many people participated in the community service activities. “Our mandate to the participants of KKN is to synergize with the community. There is no need to carry out physical development because that is the task of the government through its village funds. Our task is to invite the community to solve their own problems, “he concluded.

The KKN participants were also provided with material on the Role of Doctors in Social Change by the Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive, dr. H. Agus Taufiqurrahman, SpS., MKes. Hopefully they are ready with the reality that occurs in the field when the Community Service Program takes place. (ads)

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