UMY Discussed Student Entrepreneurial Competency with STIE Lamaddukelleng

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is accredited A and is among the three highest-ranking national private universities. With those achievements, UMY becomes a place where other universities can come to visit and learn its education systems. One of those visitors is the Economic Sciences School of Lamaddukkelleng South Sulawesi who visited the Economic and Business Faculty on Wednesday (6/7) in the Ki Bagus Hadikusumo building.

This visit was attended by students and lecturers of STIE Lamaddukkelleng, who were welcomed by the dean, head of faculty, and student representatives of the Economic and Business Faculty. They discussed the ways to improve student competency in entrepreneurship.

Meika Kurnia Puji Rahayu Dyah Anggraeni, S.E., M.Si., the Economic and Business Faculty (FEB) vice dean of student affairs and cooperation stated that to increase student competence in entrepreneurship, students of FEB UMY and their community hosted AHMOR (Ahad Morning), a local marketplace that is open every morning and serves as a business incubator for business-minded students. “UMY also has a marketplace like Lazada or Bukalapak called Bedukmutu (Buy Quality Muhammadiyah Products) which is an online market that can be used by students, lecturers, or other Muhammadiyah members who are interested in becoming business partners,” she stated.

The Secretary of UMY Management Program, Isthofaina Astuty, SE., M.Si, stated that the Management Program hopes its students have an entrepreneurial spirit. “There are 18 credits related to entrepreneuring, and the students were taught basic entrepreneurial concepts, softskills, plus 6 credits worth of business planning, then opening an internal market between students or with lecturers”, She stated.

It is also stated that there is another business incubator in UMY called SEBI, a place for students with entrepreneurial interests. To increase student competency in entrepreneuring, they are also required to participate in Student Creativity Fairs (PKM). (sofia)

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