UMY Devoted to Distribute Sahur and Takjil to Students

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic makes the atmosphere of Ramadan different from previous years, including for students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) who are located around the campus because they cannot return to their hometowns. The closure of several food stalls is a problem for students, who cannot break their fast and get food for sahur (pre-dawn meal). For this reason, UMY made the decision to distribute pre-dawn meals and takjil (snacks) for breaking fast to 1,530 students.

The meal and takjil distribution program that is organized by the Islamic Study and Practicing Institute (LPPI) is a continuation of an annual program which is packaged with a different pattern to adjust to the existing pandemic conditions. The Chairperson of LPPI, M. Khaeruddin Hamsin, Lc. LL.M., Ph.D, Monday (27/4), revealed that the program was planned to be implemented until the 25th day of Ramadan and could even last until Eid al-Fitr. “The thing that we emphasize here is to make sure that students are taken care of, so they can carry out Ramadan worship calmly and without confusion,” he added.

The schedule for meal and takjil distribution has begun since the second day of Ramadan, on Saturday (25/4) with the distribution of the meal starting at 02.00 to 03.00 WIB while takjil collection started at 16.00 to 17:30 WIB. In order to remain in accordance with the recommendations of physical distancing, the process uses a technical drive thru method and students are required to wear a mask. Students who have registered themselves on the form listed on KRS Online simply need to show their Student Identity Card (KTM) to get sahur and takjil food for breaking their fast.

In addition to volunteers from the Covid-19 Task Force Team, the UMY activity also involved students who volunteered with the UMY Ramadan committee.

In line with what was stated by Khaeruddin, UMY Rector, Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto., M.P., IPM said that the UMY Serves program will continue to be evaluated according to the existing pandemic conditions. “My hope is that this program can run smoothly. Hopefully, we can embed the values of solidarity and also the beauty of sharing, “said Gunawan. (ays)

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