UMY Conducts OSDI to Coin Islamic Characters of Freshmen



Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is one of Muhaamdiyah’s charity efforts in academic field as well as an instrument of Islamic missionary endeavor for amar ma’ruf nahi munkar. To create Islamic characters of the freshmen, UMY conducted Islamic Principle Orientation (OSDI). It aimed at the 5,154 freshmen believe that Islam is the one and only religion in line with human nature. It also pointed at creating ideal Muslims. It was stated by Dr. M. Khaeruddin Hamsin, Lc., M.A., Head of LPPI (Islamic Study and Practice Board) when opening the OSDI on Thursday (3/9) at Sportorium of UMY.

Khaeruddin conveyed that Islamic teaching and values should be included in all academic activities so that learning and piety atmosphere will be conducive. Thus, UMY can be a place bearing Islamic civilization having Islamic values as well as science and technology development. “The OSDI is the first step of the students’ training. The topics are still general and dealing with fundamental aspects they need,” he informed.

The first topic of the OSDI was regarding bases of religion like the reason why we choose Islam as our religion. It was expected that the OSDI will enhance students’ respect and that they have selected Islam as their religion is not because of their parents but it is due to their consideration and knowledge. “A topic of Islam is vital since they begin enrolling at university life that they will be more critical and rational,” he added.

Furthermore, Khaeruddin asserted the distinction between this OSDI and previous OSDI is that the students were handled by their own faculty and department. It aimed that the faculty and department recognize the enhancement of students’ understanding of Islam so that they can decide the sustainable training after the OSDI. “LPPI was entirely responsible for the OSDI, yet this year we request each faculty and department to carry out the OSDI and we monitor it. For one reason, the training will be carried on by Al-Qur’an reciting training, KIAI (Al-Islam Intensive Course), and PAI (Islamic Studies) that will also engage in the faculty and department,” he mentioned.

Khaeruddin continued that the distinction is also dealing with Al-Qur’an reciting test. The test had been accustomed to be conducted after OSDI, but this year the test was carried out before OSDI or when the student re-registered. “After the students re-registered, we required them to take the test. The test pointed at finding out students’ reciting Al-Qur’an ability. There have been 4,845 students taking the test and we have already got the placement test result,” he affirmed.

The test also aimed at easing the university to provide training. The students getting ‘A’ will obtain ‘Syahadah’, a certificate displaying that they have passed the test. The certificate will be valid till they have final exam or undergraduate thesis presentation. “Students was used to take the test as the requirement to have the final exam, yet starting this year the freshmen passing the test can immediately gain the certificate and they do not have to take the test again when having final exam. Nevertheless, the students who have not passed yet will get training until they can recite Al-Qur’an so that their ‘E’ grade may turn into ‘A’ after the training,” he stated.

Additionally, a speaker of the OSDI Dr. Rizal Yaya, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., C.A. presented a topic about ‘Islam as Life Choice’. He explained that Islam could conquer the civilization because Islam has tough characteristics encompassing Insyaniyah (in line with human nature), Rabbaniyah (Divinity), Syumuliyah (universal), and Washabiyah (balance). “We have the concept of Divinity and acknowledge Allah as the only God. It convinces us as Muslims and Islam guided by Al-Qur’an and Sunnah has been arranged by Allah to manage human lives for the betterment both in the world and hereafter,” he elucidated.

Rizal continued that manhaj (methods) of the belief in Allah is manhaj rabbani, methods from Allah and Prophet Muhammad SAW. “Al-Qur’an is the only holly book from Allah that will never be able to be changed by irresponsible humans and it has been guaranteed by Allah,” he ended.

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