UMY Conducts a Workshop on Arabic Language Learning and Teaching Development to Enhance Arabic Teacher Quality

Department of Arabic Language Education of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) through Ittihad Mudarris Lughoh Arabiyyah Indonesia (Arabic Teacher Association of Indonesia) secondly successfully cooperated with King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for the Arabic Language and Markaz Buhuts Wa Tawashul Al Marifi Saudi Arabia to conduct a workshop on the Arabic Language Leaning and Teaching Development for Speakers of Other Languages. Organized on Thursday (26/7) at A.R. Fachruddin A of UMY, the workshop speakers were Prof. Dr. Sulthon Al Qahthani and Prof. Dr. Musaid Al Utaibiy.

In his opening remark, Vice Rector for Student, Alumni, and Muhammadiyah Movement Affairs of UMY Hilman Latief, S.Ag., M.A. Ph.D. welcomed workshop participants. He stated that UMY always encourages students of Department of Arabic Language Education to study in the Middle East. “Insya Allah, UMY commits to boost students to have exchange programs and to invite students in the Middle East to develop this department. Our students often join student exchange programs but we have not had students going to the Middle East,” he informed.

Meanwhile, secretary of Department of Arabic Language Education Roojil Fadillah stated that the workshop aimed to enhance quality of non-Arabic speaking teachers to remain up-to-date with current development of Arabic learning and teaching. “This workshop shows care provided Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, particularly about Arabic language learning and teaching,” said Roojil.

He added that the workshop was addressed to improving language proficiency of the Arabic teachers. “For three days, they will get materials dealing with Arabic language learning and teaching. There are two sessions each day, namely materials of Arabic learning and teaching development as well as Arabic culture and history. Then, there will be a presentation of visions and missions of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia in 2030. Hence, I hope that this workshop can increase the number of people learning Arabic in Yogyakarta and enrich learning and teaching methods of Arabic teachers,” asserted Roojil.

Additionally, the workshop was organized on 26-28 July 2018 and the participants were practitioners, students, lecturers, and teachers. It was also a roadshow conducted by King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for the Arabic Language and Markaz Buhuts Wa Tawashul Al Marifi Saudi Arabia that the institution had held a similar workshop in several cities such as Aceh, Medan, Banjarmasin, Surabaya, Makassar, Riau, Surakarta. Yogyakarta was the last city of the roadshow.

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