UMY Conducts a Parent-Teacher Meeting for Welcoming Freshmen

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta possesses a tradition to conduct a teacher-parent meeting before the freshmen have class on 4 September. Thousands of freshmen’s parents attend the meeting held at Sportorium of UMY on Saturday (19/8).

Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P. and his vices were also present at the meeting. In his remark, Gunawan congratulated the freshmen since only 5,233 of 33,857 applicants were accepted at UMY.

Rector UMY also emphasized that communication among parents, students, and this university is essential so that the parents get all information clearly. The communication aims to control students’ development during their study in terms of attendance, grade point average, and tuition fee which can accessed through the official website of UMY.

“We, leadership of UMY, thank all parents for trusting UMY to be a place for your children to study. Parents also have vital roles for students’ development. Thus, I suggest all parents to always monitor their children. If necessary, parents may have a schedule and contact of the dean so that the communication will always intertwined,” told Gunawan.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Ir. Sukamta, M.T., IPM declared that the parents may not doubt UMY quality since this university are always in line with its tagline ‘leading and enlightening.’ “During their study, students will be educated based on Islamic values so that they will be noble students. Indeed, this university is accredited ‘A’ so that our duty is to enhance the university quality through student activities, competitions, research, and student creative week. Therefore, students are encourage to be active in joining internal and external activities,” he said.

Sukamta also informed that the freshmen will have orientation from this university, their faculty, and department, as well as Islamic Basis Orientation (OSDI). “The orientation aims to acquaint the students with this university and to provide information of academic processes during their study. Besides, the students should perform Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (the Three Principles of Higher Education), namely research, education, and community service. They also have to attend training of reciting Al-Qur’an for two semesters and it becomes one of the requirements to register for an undergraduate thesis defense,” he mentioned.

Furthermore, Drs. Heroe Poerwadi, M.A., a father of Aryo Dipo Biru Bawono who is a student of Medical Department said that facilities and learning processes are good. “I believe that an academic process is vital particularly to enhance teacher quality. UMY affords not only theories as each major but also Islamic bases such as training of reciting Al-Qur’an. Another important aspect is that this university focuses on social, Islamic, and academic values so that students’ characters will be well-built. Indeed, students should actively join organizations because it is a process to be mature and independent,” conveyed Heroe who is also Vice Mayor of Yogyakarta City.

Additionally, in the teacher-parent meeting, a representative of Student Admissions read a decree announcing 58 freshmen achieving scholarships such as bidik misi, kader unggulan Muhammadiyah, hafidz Qur’an, and Muhammadiyah doctor.

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