UMY Conducts a Ceremony to Commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day

Commemorating the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted the Independence Day ceremony on 17 August 2017 at AR Fachruddin. Acting as the ceremonial inspector was Vice Rector for Student, Alumni, Islamic and Muhammadiyah Study Affairs Hilman Latief, Ph.D. and it was attended by academicians of UMY and representatives of Student Activity Units (UKM) of UMY.

In his remark, Hilman state, “We have to thank Allah for His blessing so that we can celebrate this Independence Day and appreciate the struggle to achieve this independence. We also should thank Allah so that Indonesia can thrive to be developed. Now, we have a lot of homework such as leveraging natural resources to develop this nation.”

He inserted that youth possessed essential roles to obtain the independence of Indonesia. “We have to remember how Ir. Soekarno was urged by youth to proclaim the independence day of Indonesia. We should appreciate them. Thus, I expect that UMY students can make changes to the betterment of this nation,” hoped Hilman.

Besides, Hilman informed that UMY is proposing re-accreditation. “UMY is now accredited ‘A’ and it will be re-reviewed. Kemenistekdikti will visit UMY to assess facilities at UMY including Student Center,” he told.

Hilman also advised students to be a spearhead of the nation changes. “Indonesia will be at the age of a century in the next 28 years, and I might have spent my life in a wheelchair, but you as young generation may have become politicians, activists, bankers, doctors, teachers, or, ministers. My advice is that, wherever you go, you have to return to Muhammadiyah. Indonesia! Freedom!” exclaimed Hilman.

Additionally, the ceremony was firstly conducted at UMY. A representative of Student Executive Board of UMY said that the ceremony of Indonesia’s Independence Day will annually be held.

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