UMY Conducts a Blood Donation


Celebrating the 34th Anniversary, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted series of event for the academicians and community. One of them was Social Service comprising of blood donation, training of foreign language, and providing staples. On Saturday (14/3) UMY carried out blood donation followed by the academicians and community.

The blood donation would have been done at 3 p.m., but in the afternoon the blood donors were accounted 70 people, and it was predicted that the donors would elevate. One of the committee, Milla, a student of Language Education Faculty (FPB) said that the blood donation began at 9 a.m. “We have announced it to all academicians and community through pamphlets and leaflets in order that they register themselves as blood donors. And, it is already 70 donors,” she stated.

Milla also told that the event was organized owing to the cooperation with Indonesian Red-Cross (PMI) of Jogja. The donated blood would later be sent to PMI of Jogja. “Indeed, PMI always needs blood to be donated to those who need it. Thus, all the blood would be given to PMI of Jogja so that we could take part to help them,” she expressed.

Milla conveyed d that the donors would get a package from UMY and PMI consisting of food and vitamin. The committee also had several doorprizes for lucky donors. “The doorprizes are goods of students’ need since most donors are students. Other doorprizes are a blanket, a fan, a shoe rack, and a rice cooker,” she mentioned.

Moreover, the blood donors were those who comply PMI’s requirements as 50 kilograms for minimum weight, the age of 17-60 (60-year-old people might donate if they are accustomed to doing it), 110/70 mmHg of diastolic blood pressure, and 160/100 mmHg of systolic. The other requests were that they have not consumed medicine for recent five days, do not have low blood pressure, do not get diabetes, heart disease, liver, hepatitis B, C, Syphilis, HIV, and for women they do not get menstruation or give suck.

In addition, the two other social services, namely community service and providing staples, would be undertaken at different time and with another person in charge. This blood donation was the responsibility of students and lecturers of Language Education Faculty (FPB) while for the two others would be the charge of FPB, Islamic Faculty (FAI), and Faculty of Economics (FE).

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