UMY Communication Studies Program Wrote History by Issuing the First Journal of Communication Students in Indonesia

The Communication Studies Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), published a printed edition of the Audiens Journal, Monday (6/22). The Audiens Journal is listed as the first student journal managed by the online journal system (OJS). Previously there were student journals from several campuses, but the management did not use OJS.

This print edition which contained fifteen articles completes the online edition which was released in March 2020. The majority of the articles are from UMY Communication Studies students and the rest from other campuses. Previously, the Communication Studies Program of UMY had a communicator journal that had been accredited by Sprott 3.

“The Audiens Journal was devoted to student journals, in the sense that the publication of this journal was intended to accommodate the academic work of UMY Communication Studies students,” explained the editor in chief of the Audiences Journal, Dr. Fajar Junaedi.

The lecturer of the UMY Communication Studies Program added that the publication of the Audiens Journal could be a medium for the actualization of student work. If all this time journals seem to be a lecturer only area, the Audiens Journal succeeded in eradicating this stigma. The proof, according to Fajar, is the student enthusiasm for the September 2020 edition. Students have already entered 32 articles. Despite facing the Covid-19 pandemic, online lectures conducted on the MyKlass platform have proven to be a solution.

The enthusiasm of these students is motivated by the research-based lecture process. Students conduct research in lectures which are written to papers with the guidance of lecturers, which are then sent to journals. “Instead of student papers being thrown into the trash, it is better to be processed seriously with the guidance of lecturers to be sent to journals,” Fajar added.

Fajar added that with this process, students gain experience writing and sending articles to journals, and making revisions according to the direction of the reviewer. “This is an experience that many students do not get to experience,” he concluded.

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